Five Advantages to incorporate an interactive app for your events.

The creation of the app for smartphones been without doubt one of the greatest technological inventions in history.

And we will explain five advantages associated with using an interactive app for your events:

1. It is a unique way to engage the audience with the event:

– Before the event. because since we launched the app weeks in advance the wizard can start planning their activities, develop its agenda, choosing your favorite exhibitors and even by networking with people who have common interests.

– During the event. Whether a conference or other event, the wizard can interact looking information, participating in feedback with their own device or taking notes about any presentation or display.

– After the event. The organizers may put the slides of the presentations, videos, digital posters or any relevant information that is made public after the presentations and attendees continue to visit the site for nutrition information.

2. Savings in printing costs.
Not only print a multitude of flyers or catalogs that often go straight to the trash, is also the cost of handling these flyers to get printed information to the recipients.

3. Allows reach everyone.

No matter what attendees have mobile platform with existing technologies the Apps are cross-platform and can run on virtually any device with a web browser.

4. I keep attendees informed by email.

Preprogrammed or even in real time. I can keep the audience abreast of everything that is happening at the event, as important announcements, updates last minute arrival of personalities and any other relevant information that would massively sent to all attendees.

Taking advantage of the different functionalities that has an interactive app, you can create a campaign where the user has the opportunity to be part of that promotion, managing user loyalty in your event.