10 Reasons to use uptoYou as App for your next event

Over 23 million people use Apps, and according to Cisco, in 2016 there will be more mobile lines than individuals. Today already, the increasing use of smartphones results in up to 3.8 million daily downloads.

Taking this data into account, event organizers have the opportunity to incorporate their guests´ best friend: mobile devices, with advantages for both attendees and organizers.

We will list no less than 10 reasons to use uptoYou as app for your next ebrandingvent

1. Branding: Mobile applications are considered as an extension of a brand, which means that they have to be customisable and configurable. Why is it so? Because they help building and strengthening one´s company´s corporate image, which is key to catching a client´s attention and not stay unnoticed. Apart from adjusting to every type of event, regardless of size or sector, the plásmales app meets these requirements.

2. Communication: interactive App will help the organization to communicate with event attendees both before, during and after it is completed.
Before: if it is an event where different conferences will take place, it may be informed of the confirmed speakers via push notifications.
During: it may inform any organizational change instantaneously breaking all making sure that attendees are notified.
After: the app is active and maintain its functionality even when the event is completed.

3. Improved Experience: App by an event can be turned into a whole interactive experience amazing. Innovate and make a difference with a Smartphone, the device commonly used. Plásmales help download the App that has several features to facilitate participation among the participants and each participant to live the event in a personalized manner. For example, if a guide with all the activities on paper is distributed at an event, all attendees will have the same experience. But if you can access the information through an app, each attendee can build their guide according to their preferences.

4. Encourage the engagement: organize events based on the concept of the monologue to succeed is a thing of the past. Based on the latest trends in organizing events, plásmales aims to give participants an event as players in the action. So, different functionalities are all focused on promoting interaction between participants and the organization. You can encourage your event attendees to interact with the company through quizzes, assessments and surveys. It can follow the rankings in real time and even surprise the participants of the event offering prizes. In addition it will also increase interaction by assigning users the ability to send pictures and messages in real time in the main chat screen and allowing them together, provided they have completed a “like to like”. Another feature of freshly baked uptoYou is to FlashYou, which converts the guests Smartphones light sources.

5. Encourage personal relationships: in our event planning app is a feature that facilitates anonymous communication, easy and fun.

In Plásmales we have developed a chat tool especially for the corporate world for member companies / organizations or associations to communicate without having to register on any platform or using personal social networks. Our chat function promotes corporate communications and allows each company to adapt the app to their brand image.

Another attraction of the chat function is in use plásmales networking events: all happened we get to an event and realize we do not know anyone. Now we have a help to break the ice, so we can all go relaxed at our events: the plásmales allows us to filter chat attendees interest and obtain valuable information about them before starting a face to face conversation. Also, use plásmales in such contexts facilitates interaction among participants, helping them find valuable contacts and create business relationships and professional, both during the event then as the chat can still be used even if the event is completed.

6 · Get ​​feedback: One of the advantages of using an app for your event as Plásmales is the ability to get instant feedback from participants on any item.

As you know, a key factor in the success of an event is the satisfaction of its participants. Measuring such a subjective criterion is very difficult, so the best way to get this information is to ask directly to guests who have thought of the event. Thanks to Plásmales you can organize surveys and valuations live, which will give information on the level of satisfaction of your guests and help to improve the event itself if you make the assessment for this or future editions of the event if you make at the end. In this way, you can make the most of the event and return on investment.

Another possible use is to see if a service or product is well valued or not. This feature is particularly useful if your company is launching a new service or product and need to know if you could like it or not.

All evaluations will take place in real time and anonymously. And you can watch it on the screens of the room through graphics tailored to your questions.

7. Flash You: in Plásmales have incorporated this new functionality with the idea of ​​offering a strikingly different experience in events. This function allows you to assign a specific color mobile screen each participant to offer a range of possibilities: a luminous mosaic of lights to the beat of the music, etc. The limit is your imagination!

8. Cross-platform: the App is available for both Android and iPhone to all attendees have the opportunity to enjoy the event even more Plásmales.

9. Save costs: have an App for events also serve to save costs on printing and turn the event into a more sustainable space environment. In addition there will be a saving of time spent for organizational and informational tasks.

10. Technological innovation: incorporating an App will help the event follow the two key market trends: technological innovation in the sector and encourage participation. With Plásmalespodrás meet these two trends!

Innova makes a difference and surprise event attendees with an interactive and customizable App. We help you? Contact us!