For use in leisure business Plásmales?

Plásmales is an interactive app that can be of great help to your business of leisure.

The most important thing to bring is either a sector which is business is promotion. And Plásmales functions are designed to facilitate this important task.

With our app, you have the opportunity to interact with customers much more easily with features like chat, surveys or assessments.
You can make customers participate yourself doing promotional contests with real-time responses.

You get to share images through the screens in real time, giving a very inPublicidad-gin-tonic5novative and different touch.

Everything is focused operation with servers in the cloud. Led by the control panel which can be installed on the same mobile phone, computer, iPad or tablet.

Plásmales help the event follow the two key market trends: technological innovation in the sector and encourage participation. With Plásmales you can fulfill these two tendencies!

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