The power of Networking

What does networking really mean?

Essentially, networking bases on building relationships with people from one’s professional field and thus weave a good red of contacts within your sector. In the world of computers, we call a network two or more computing devices connected together for the purpose of sharing data and exchanging information. As you see, people and computers are not so different as you may think: both can network.networking

Now, humans are social beings by nature, which means that networking is in no way a new phenomenon. Historically, we have been building reds of contacts around us for centuries, but what did change is the very way we connect. A rise of Social media and innovation in technology have made this task easier and opened new doors to us.

“El poder del networking se basa en tejer una red de contactos de valor que nos ayudaran a avanzar en nuestra carrera profesional.”

What are the various types of networking?
  • Offline Networking: this is the traditional way of making business connections: by meeting in person. Usually it happens during conventions or events where professionals from a specific sector are particularly numerous, turning into the ideal place to make the best contacts.
  • Online Networking:in this case, connections are made virtually. Social networks have taken an important role, especially those more focused on the professional sphere like LinkedIn. According to the Spanish study Adecco-Infoempleo sobre Redes sociales y mercado de trabajo en España (An analysis of Social networks and employment market in Spain, by Adecco), LinkedIn is the ideal social network to find employment, reaching 80% approval from the surveyed candidates.
Advantages of networking

Networking is very beneficial to both companies and individuals for the reasons listed below:

  • You can get in touch with potential prospects or vendors and make yourself known within your sector.
  • You can find shareholders and/or partners and create synergies.
  • You can build a solid red of contacts within your very field of business with whom you can exchange information and/or know about job offers. According to Addeco’s study, only 20% of jobs offers are made public, which means that 80% are filled in other ways, with networking playing a fundamental part.
Presenting Plásmales networking functionalitynetworking_uptoyou

At Plásmales we know how crucially important it is to make good contacts. This is why we developed a specific functionality for networking.  It aims at helping attendees of events, conventions and conferences to connect with one another by finding peple with mutual interests within a same work sphere. Our interactive app for events combines offline networking with online networking to obtain better results.

Essentially, it works via “likes”. When both parties show interest, and only then, each attendee can share information with the other. Communication does not die off once the event is over, which makes follow ups on the first contacts easier, and increase the benefits from your new connections.

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