We celebrate the International Year of Light with Flash You

2015 will surely be a very bright year …


flashyou_luz2Because it is held no less that the International Year of light and light-based technologies.
Light is an issue that has accompanied human beings throughout history. Des Greek philosophers to scientists today different theories have been developed with the intention of interpreting nature. All the knowledge that has been generated has made it possible to move forward and reach the current state of science and technology of light.

Light is a form of energy that illuminates things, makes them visible and is spread by particles called photons.”

International Year

On 20 December 2013 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light. This resolution is co-sponsored by 35 countries, including Spain. Thus, and as we stated in the resolution, recognizing the importance of light and light-based technologies for the life of the citizens of the world and for the future development of world society on many levels.
The United Nations General Assembly stressed that will increase global awareness and strengthening the teaching of science and technology of light that will enable sustainable development, energy and health of the community and improve the quality of life in developed and developing countries. Therefore, throughout the year various educational activities about the science of light and its applications are developed.
Look for all the activities in your area within the framework of the International Year of birth in the following links:

http://www.luz2015.es/                            http://www.light2015.org/Home.html

Why 2015?

Surely you wonder if the choice is purely coincidental or 2015 there is a reason behind it. Well, there’s an explanation.
They noted that just this year coincides with the anniversaries of a number of important milestones in the history of the science of light so it’s a great way to commemorate them.

Future challenges: Photonics

Fotonica21 in its report on the photonics sector in Spain Science defines this as “the branch of physics that covers the generation, detection, transportation, guidance, manipulation, and use amplification and use of light.” The conclusions underline the fact that this sector will play a key role in the coming decades and is considered Europe photonics of the 5 key technologies to facilitate industrial competitiveness in the European Union.

Flash you – Plásmales flashyou_pirotecnia3

In Plásmales we celebrate the International Year of Light with Flash You, a new feature that lets you innovate in the field of events using light to create unforgettable and amazing experiences.
Flash You get involved with the participants and put them at the center of action for them to be the protagonists. The operation is based on assigning a different mobile screen of each attendee and from there start building color. Lighting rhythms, murals, mosaics, etc. games and infinite, without the need for cardboard or paper, with all the possibilities that we can play with the brightness of our Smartphone.

The limit of what can be done depends on your creativity.
Dare to dream,

We’ll help you make it happen!